• Base maintenance

    Our base maintenance is performed in modern facilities at our main base in Gothenburg. Once an aircraft is removed from the operative environment we perform a scheduled maintenance with check activity and defect rectifications. Our crew works on a 2-shift schedule to carry out scheduled maintenance, repairs and modifications with a LEAN-concept approach. We are confident that our team has the skills, experience and attitude that an extensive check demands. In conclusion we have vast knowledge of base maintenance for the aircrafts within our capabilities.

  • Line maintenance

    Our approved line stations work with the objective of ensuring an aircraft that is fit for the next flight. This may include daily inspections, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance as well as trouble shooting and defect rectification. The line maintenance activities are developed in collaboration with the customer for obtaining the most cost efficient solution and safe operation. Our greatest strength within line maintenance is our line technicians experience in adapting to complex 24/7 operations such as SAR, HEMS and other services within the public sectors.

  • Logistics

    Material, tools and equipment handling, receiving inspection and inventory control are all daily routines in our logistics department. Further responsibilities involve implementing and controlling the forward and reverse flow and storage of goods. Our 400 sqm of modern stock facilities have possibilities for consignment stock solutions for operators OEM's or aircraft manufacturers. Our staff are certified in ADR and DGR ensuring compliance with the latest regulations. We have long experience of worldwide transportation including transatlantic shipments of aircrafts.

  • Aircraft purchase & asset management

    We provide experienced staff for pre-purchase, lease return and mid-turn inspections. This to ensure that our customers are fully secure and satisfied with their assets.

  • Lease of manpower

    We believe in the value of a knowledge sharing culture and our experience is that we gain more than we lose when having such an approach. By letting down some of our barriers and working together we enable the market to thrive and help us achieve our objectives.

  • Partnership

    SMA Maintenance believes that collaberating with other organisations contributes to enhancing the overall quality of the market. By complementing eachothers strengths and weaknesses we create a larger resourcebank and a therefore a safer flight environment.